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Cruising down the road in an air-conditioned vehicle during the hot summer months is one of life’s little pleasures that are made possible, in part, by a properly functioning radiator. You never realize how much you depend on your radiator until it breaks. That’s why it’s so important to bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance services at Choice Transmission & Complete Auto Care. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your engine, paying particular attention to your coolant system to ensure that everything is operating to its full potential. If an issue with your radiator is uncovered during the inspection, you can count on us for fast, reliable radiator repair. We’ll always do the job right the first time, which gives you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your day.

Dangers of having a bad radiator

The primary function of a radiator is to keep the engine cool during operation. When the engine is running, its moving parts cause friction, which produces heat. The continual pumping of coolant through the engine helps absorb and remove heat and prevents engine damage. A bad radiator, one that’s not cooling properly, can cause the car to overheat, leaving you temporarily stranded and potentially facing a hefty radiator replacement bill and/or expensive engine repair.

Signs that your radiator might be bad

Radiator replacements can be expensive if not addressed quickly, so you should bring your vehicle in to Choice Transmission & Complete Auto Care at the first sign of radiator trouble! Give us a call today for a free vehicle inspection if you start to notice any of these signs:

  • Vehicle keeps overheating
  • It’s unusually hot inside the vehicle
  • Coolant is leaking on the ground
  • “Low Coolant” light pops up on the dashboard
  • Radiator fluid is brown instead of the typical green or yellow

Common radiator problems

Worn out or burst hoses

The most common source of radiator leaking is a damaged radiator hose. Cracks or holes in radiator hoses disrupt the flow of coolant and prevent the water pump from properly circulating fluid throughout your engine.

Radiator leaking

Leaks in the radiator itself can be difficult to locate, so look for bubbles or steam coming from the area that’s leaking. Sometimes, radiator leaks can be patched, but you should have the problem checked out by a professional.

Broken water pump

The water pump is the heart of your cooling system, propelling engine coolant where it needs to go. If it’s not operating correctly, your radiator will lack the proper pressure to maintain the coolant flow.

Failed thermostat

Though the thermostat is not part of the radiator itself, it is the key valve that controls how much coolant flows in and out of the radiator. When the thermostat fails, the car begins to overheat quickly.

If you suspect that your vehicle is experiencing any of these common radiator problems, then bring it down to Choice Transmission & Complete Auto Care for a free inspection. Our certified technicians will check each and every gasket, hose, plug, or component to find the source of the problem and provide complete radiator repair. We’re happy to match any of our competitors’ prices, so contact our Gilbert auto shops today!

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